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Taking Care of Your Family: Simple - Seamless - Automatic

Family Bloodline Planning:

Attend one of our free workshops and learn how to:

Protect Children & Grandchildren
- Prevent your Child's past or future ex-spouse from getting your money
- Protect your Child's inheritance from their lawsuits & bankruptcies
- Guarantee your assets flow from your Children to your Grandchildren
A Simple & Seamless Transition from You to Your Children & Grandchildren
- Eliminate costly probate - make it "Automatic"
- Guarantee a quick and easy transition of assets to your Children & Grandchildren
- Eliminate hassles and problems for your loved ones: make it simple & seamless

Nursing Home Protection Planning:

Attend one of our free workshops and learn how to:

Protect Your Assets Today from Nursing Home Seizure
- Eliminate the need to spend down everything to $2,000
- Structure everything without giving it all away
- Retain 100% control of money management and who gets what
In Crisis Emergencies: Qualify Immediately
- No 5 year look-back
- Protect every asset
- Eliminate Medicaid Recovery after death

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

- for Single Individuals & Married Couples
- Traditional or Blended Families
- Advanced Planning for Blended Families to retain assets in respective bloodlines
- both Will and Trust planning
- all ancillary Health Care Documents & Powers of Attorney
- Emergency Health Care 3 Minute Access to HIPAA, Health Care Surrogate Designation, & Living Will (e.g., all health care documents faxed directly into emergency room within 3 minutes in the event of a medical emergency)
Attend our Workshop and learn how to design:
- 100% protection of Children's Inheritances from their Divorces, Lawsuits, etc.
- 100% alignment of all assets to avoid probate - we do everything to re-title and properly beneficiary-designate all assets to protect the family
- optional yearly Family Care Program™ to maintain proper asset alignment and balancing of trust funded assets, lifetime free updates and changes to plan documents due to law changes or family changes, PLUS lifetime free access to law firm for future questions (all phone calls and emails and in-person meetings are free), PLUS discounted trust administration
- Private Client Portal to view documents, receive encrypted communications, and view progress of estate plan implementation timelines - all with bank-level security encryption
- Free Family Workshops for children grandchildren, etc. to learn about your estate plan and how it will be administered
- Private Family Annual Webinars with children, friends, family to keep everyone updated on new plan developments
- Private Professional Advisor Annual Webinars with your financial advisors, accountants, trustees to keep all of your professional advisors up-to-date to maintain total coordination of everything
- Annual Client Family Reunion Banquet to celebrate your family, your plan and their future - plus educational update: "What's Happened Since Last Year"


Advanced Elder Law Planning

Attend one of our Long Term Care Planning workshops and learn how to do:
- Proactive Pre-Planning to protect 100% of everything - never worry about future nursing home asset seizure
- Crisis Nursing Home Medicaid qualification
- Prevention of Estate Recovery by Medicaid after Death
- Advanced Family Protection Trust™ to avoid of loss of capital gains step-up-in basis for inheriting children and grandchildren
- Advanced Pour-Back trusts to protect healthy spouses at home
- Advanced Parental Protection Trusts™ to permit parents to remain in their home and avoid nursing home placement
- Advanced Personal Asset Trusts™ to protect children and grandchildren from losing their inheritance to divorces, lawsuits & Medicaid estate recovery
- Private Client Portals to login and review progress with Medicaid filing - with live chat function to answer questions immediately
- Private Nursing Home Administration Portals for nursing home and care professionals to review status of pending cases and applications - with live chat function to answer questions immediately


Probate & Trust Administration

- Streamlined administration of Probate Estates to limit cost & time delays
- Orderly distribution of trust & estate assets into asset protected trusts for children and grandchildren
- Preservation of capital gains step-up-in-basis to eliminate capital gains taxes on sale of assets by inheriting beneficiaries
- Weekly Update Letter Reports to Trustees and Beneficiaries to keep everyone continuously informed as to the progress of the estate administration
- Monthly Private Live Webinars for all Trustees and Beneficiaries to review progress, outline next steps, and answer questions
- Private Client Family Listserves - these are email "groups" to which we post periodic email messages as to documents filed, case progression, etc. It is also a means for a trustee, a personal representative or a beneficiary to ask questions of the attorney and to share those questions with the group members of the Listserve.
- Private Client Administration Portals to login and review progress of estate administration, view pleadings, orders & other court filings, view timelines and upcoming filings and distribution schedule
- Private Beneficiary Portals to login and review progress of estate administration, view timelines and distribution schedule

About Us

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Neil has practiced law for 45 years and has focused his legal practice in the areas of estate planning, advanced elder law planning, and probate and trust administration. Neil graduated cum laude from The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois in 1976. He was an Associate Editor of The John Marshall Law Review and was published by the law review for his treatise: “The Marital Deduction Dilemma of the Surviving Renouncing Spouse.” Neil also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa.

Neil is President of the firm. A past featured speaker at the annual Broward County Financial Planning Association’s Annual Convention, he serves as an instructor for the College of Financial Planning (Denver, CO) teaching Estate Planning to financial professionals seeking to maintain the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. (NOTE: CFP® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ are certification marks owned by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.)

Neil is also a contributing author to three books:
"Strictly Business" - Planning Strategies for Privately Owned Businesses; "Giving" - Philanthropy for Everyone; and "Love, Money, Control" - Reinventing Estate Planning. He also servers as a guest lecturer on personal estate and business planning throughout the country. Neil has developed 21 estate planning courses created for CPAs, accountants and financial advisors for purposes of educating client's other advisors in modern estate and elder law planning techniques.

Neil is married, and he and his wife, Phyllis, recently celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. They have two children, Christopher and Jonathan. Christopher played professional golf has been working in the firm for 20 years as Neil's business manager. Jonathan is a music video editor and director and lives and works in Los Angeles, California where he has worked directly with most major singers, bands and other performers editing music videos, concerts, promotional videos, and commercials.

  • Admitted Attorney: Florida; U.S. Tax Court
  • Member, WealthCounsel, LLC
  • Member, ElderCounsel, LLC
  • Member, NAELA: National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
  • Member, Trusts & Probate Committee, Florida Bar Association
  • Member, Clearwater Bar Association
  • Member, Manatee County Bar Association
  • Member, Sarasota County Bar Association
  • Member, Lee County Bar Association
  • Member, Collier County Bar Association
  • Member, Adjunct Faculty, College of Financial Planning
  • Member, Adjunct Faculty, Florida Board of Accountancy


  • Beginning Estate Planning
  • Intermediate Estate Planning
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • The Truth About Estate Planning
  • The Truth About Long-Term Care Planning
  • 419a Welfare Benefit Plans
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • SOLE-K Planning
  • Unauthorized Insurance Entities
  • Planning 101: Opportunities in Estate Planning
  • Planning 102: IRA Boot Camp
  • Planning 103: IRA Inheritance Trusts
  • Planning 201: Plan Design Enhancements
  • Planning 202: Showing Your Clients How to Avoid Disasters in Estate Planning
  • Planning 221: Life Insurance Necessities in Estate Planning
  • Planning 231: Annuities and Medicaid Planning
  • Planning 301: Asset Protection Planning; Planning for Special Needs Children; GST Basics; and Using International Life Insurance
  • Planning 401: Integration of FLPs, GRATs & IDITs
  • Planning 402: Charitable Remainder Trusts & Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Planning 403: Advanced Issue Spotting
  • Planning 404: Incentive Stock Options
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Appointments also available at:

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The Key toPERFECT PLANNING:"Asset Alignment"

- at one time & one time only -

What's the secret? What's the key? What must I do to have a good estate plan? Could I make it even better? Could I make it PERFECT?

There is only one "Key" to a perfect plan in our opinion: having everything in place and ready when the plan is implemented - and your plan is not implemented today.

There are only two times your plan gets implemented: at disability or at death. And if 100% of your assets are not "aligned" properly at those times, then there is a really good chance your plan won't work.

And having a Will or even a "state-of-the-art" Trust has nothing to do with asset alignment.


Asset Alignment has two (2) components: (1) going WHERE you want it to go; and (2) going IN THE WAY you want it to go.

- going WHERE you want it to go is not as easy as just naming a beneficiary to inherit a particular asset. What if you beneficiary-designate your IRA to your Spouse? Then you die. Then your surviving spouse inherits your IRA. Then your surviving spouse gets re-married and then your surviving spouse dies next - who gets your IRA? Your replacement?

- going IN THE WAY you want it to go is also not as easy as just naming a beneficiary to inherit a particular asset. What if you name a Child to ultimately inherit all or a portion of your assets? Then you die. Then your Child inherits those assets in their name. But, let's say they've already been divorced - or get divorced in the future: do you think that past or future ex-spouse of your Child could possibly get your assets - instead of your Child and then your Grandchildren?

The Problem:

So, what's the problem with Asset Alignment? It's simple: your assets are rarely properly aligned when it matters. When does it matter? When the time comes. When is that? When you become disabled or die.

So, let's say you've done a good job of estate planning so far. Most clients prepare estate plans to take care of their families. And that's probably your motivation also: you want to take care of your loved ones with the least amount of hassle for them and for as little money as possible when the time comes. Again, when does the time come? When you become disabled or you die.

So, you want an estate plan today that will take care of your family in the future. Right? Of course that's what you want. Next Question: when will that happen?

Don't you know when you are going to die? Of course you don't. But you want your estate plan to "work" at that time in the future, right? Whenever that is.

So what you want from your estate planning attorney is an estate plan created today that will take care of your family at sometime in the future. There's only one problem: there are 5 things you will never know: 1) You don't know when you are going to die; and 2) You don't know what the laws will be at that time; and 3) You don't know what assets you will own when you die; and 4) You don't know what your family situation will be at that time; and 5) You don't know what's going to be important to you when you die at some time in the future.

This is why most estate plans never work. You've created an estate plan today and when the time comes, everything has changed!

There is a better way.

Quick Start


Our Process
See what are process is for becoming a Client:

This is a short video tutorial that walks you through what our process is and how we work with Clients. We believe strongly in EDUCATION! Accordingly, we urge all of our new Clients to attend our FREE Educational Workshops. We know you will learn a lot - and EVERYTHING is in PLAIN ENGLISH!!

Click to watch:

1 minute 28 seconds

How to Get Started
See how you can get started today:

This is a very short video tutorial that walks you through the steps to get started exploring how to become one of our Clients.

Click to watch:

3 minutes 12 seconds

Most Estate Plans Never Work
Learn why YOUR estate plan probably won't work:

This is a little bit more of an "in-depth" look at why most estate plans don't work. Most people name their Children or Grandchildren (or other people to inherit). Naming children by name can result in your children losing 100% of your money after they inherit it.

Click to watch:

8 minutes 53 seconds

Keep Your Assets & Still Qualify
See how to qualify for Medicaid & keep everything:

This is a short video tutorial that teaches why you don't have to give away OR spend down all of your money in the event you have to go into a nursing home.

Click to watch:

2 minutes 32 seconds

Why You NEVER Leave Anything to Children in their Name:
Learn why you should never-ever do this:

This is a short video tutorial that shows you what can happen when you name your Children or Grandchildren BY NAME in your Will or your Trust. This is generally something that you never want to do - although YOUR current plan probably does just that.

Click to watch:

2 minutes 34 seconds

Why You NEVER Name Your Spouse as Your IRA Beneficiary:
Learn why you should never-ever do this:

This is a short video tutorial that demonstrates what can happen when your name your current Spouse as the primary beneficiary of your IRA, 401 (K), or other qualified retirement plan. Most people name their Spouse as their "Primary Beneficiary" and their Children (by name) as their "Secondary Beneficiaries." Learn why you never-ever want to do this.

Click to watch:

2 minutes 41 seconds


All Workshops are Free


"The Truth About Estate & Long Term Care Planning"

- Why Your Plan Probably Won't Work

- How to Protect 100% of Everything Without Giving it All Away!

- a step-by-step outline of why most estate plans don't work - and how to get your plan to work.
- how to protect the inheritance you leave your child from being lost to your child's divorcing ex-spouse
- how to protect your assets from nursing home seizure in the event of a catastrophic illness
- a step-by-step outline of why you don't have to spend down your assets to $2,000 to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid benefits
- how to structure your estate today to avoid nursing home seizure in the event of a catastrophic illness
- how to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid benefits, protect your full step-up-in-basis of assets for your children, and prevent Medicaid estate recovery



1. "What to Do When Something Happens"

- A Step-by-Step Guide of What Your Loved Ones Need to Do


- a step-by-step guide of what your children and other "helpers" need to do in the event of a mental disability or death
- how to organize your Health Care Documents for 24/7 Emergency Access with one simple phone call
- how to limit professional fees after something happens AND how to streamline the process to make distributions to children "automatic"

2. "How to Plan for Your IRA or Qualified Plan"

- Why You NEVER Name Your Spouse as the Primary Beneficiary


- why IRAs and other Qualified Plans (401(k)s, 403(b)s, etc.) should never be beneficiary-designated to a Spouse
- how to best structure your beneficiary designations to ensure 100% asset protection and bloodline planning for your loved ones
- how to protect your IRA from second marriage depletion, divorces, and lawsuits

3. "Blended Families"

- How to Create a Plan that Makes Everyone Happy


- how to create a special "Joint Pour-Over Trust" designed specifically for blended families
- how to best structure your separate assets and joint assets so all assets pass where you want them to go - all in a seamless and quick administration to prevent children of each spouse from fighting afterwards
- how to protect your Home and IRAs and other special family assets and heirlooms so they pass to the correct family members - automatically!

4. "Digital Assets, Accounts & Passwords"

- How to How to Organize & Protect Your Online Accounts, Passwords, etc. from Fraud & Exploitation


- how to secure passwords and organize both digital and traditional accounts
- how to monitor all of your accounts to identify and scan for theft protection, for irregular investment activity, unusual withdrawals, changes in spending patterns, etc.
- how to eliminate the unnecessary burden for loved ones in locating and dealing with hidden or forgotten accounts


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