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Add People to Your Portal

Add People to Your Portal

Children, Family Members, Trustees, Powers of Attorney, & Other Helpers


How to Add People to Your Portal

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One of the many benefits of your Client Portal is that you can add other people to your Client Portal. You may invite your children (or just some of your children), your Successor Trustees, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Agents, etc. to be able to view and download those portions or sections of your Portal you choose to share.

Why Invite Others?

Your Client Portal, among other things, takes the place of having to copy or print out your documents and then mailing or emailing scanned copies to your family members and other helpers. Everyone you give access to your Portal can instantaneously - 24/7 - view or print your documents - as well as anything else you may choose to share with them.

In addition, there are several fillable PDF documents that will assist your helpers in locating papers, accounts, and more in the event something happens to you. This is an extremely valuable and helpful tool to getting things organized - not only for you but also for your loved ones. We want to try and make things easy for everyone in the event you need their help.

In the event of a medical emergency, your loved ones and helpers will have immediate access to everything they need. For example, by simply logging in to your Portal, your children and agents can download and email an important health care document directly into the emergency room or elsewhere.

How to Invite

Inviting people to your Portal is easy. Simply fill out the form titled "Add People to My Portal" on this page and click "Add to My Portal." We will immediately receive a copy of your request and will email invitations to your people within 48 hours. Want to invite another? Simply fill out the form again. They will then set up their password protected login. That's it!

What if I Want to Change People in My Portal?

Once you have added people to your Portal, you may wish to give them additional access, change their access, or delete them entirely from your Portal. Simply fill out the Change Form titled "Change People in My Portal" and submit. We will make the necessary changes within 48 hours. Simple!

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