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Change People in Your Portal

Change People in Your Portal

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How to Change People in Your Portal

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Change People in Your Portal

Once you have added people to your Portal, you may wish to give them additional access, change their access, or delete them entirely from your Portal. Changes may occur for a number of reasons.

For example, you may wish to grant additional access to someone who already has access to your Client Portal. A child, a sibling, a friend - any of these may need new or additional access to portions of your Portal because you have expanded their role in your estate plan. You may have changed your successor trustees or your powers of attorney. Or you may have added one or more additional backups to people you already named.

Or you may have removed someone from serving in one or more capacities in your estate plan. Perhaps they have experienced an illness, landed a new job that will require more time (and less time available for your matters), etc.

Or, you may have had a falling out with a child or other helper and wish to remove them entirely from your estate plan. Any number of reasons may cause you to have a need to make changes to people previously selected by you to serve in some capacity.

How to Change People in Your Portal

Whatever the reason, you have the ability to change people's access to your Client Portal. Simply fill out the Change Form titled "Change People in My Portal" and submit. We will make the necessary changes within 48 hours.

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