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WELCOME to Your Client Portal!

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Welcome to Your Client Portal!

We truly hope you will enjoy your Client Portal. We believe this is a state-of-the-art method of dealing with the many different aspects of estate planning. From the elimination of having to make paper copies of your documents to share with your loved ones, to attempting to save copies of your documents on older CD Rom or Flash Drives, to giving your loved ones immediate 24/7 access to all of your important matters, we believe an online client portal system is the wave of the future.

Many of you are already familiar with client portals. Accountants are using portals to upload and download tax returns, income statements, etc. Even your doctors are using client portals to enable you to obtain medical records, blood test results, etc.

How to Use Your Client Portal

You have the ability to upload and download documents to your portal as well as give access to certain portions of your portal to your children, your successor trustees, your health care agents, your accountant, financial advisor, and more.

Most of the instruction you will receive for purposes of actually using your Client Portal will be in the form of Video Tutorials. We have organized all of our Video Tutorials on this web page so you will have easy access to everything in one place. Simply click on a Video Tutorial to watch and learn. In the future, we will be adding more Video Tutorials so keep checking back every so often. We would highly recommend that you BOOKMARK this page so you have easy access going forward.

Setting Up Your Client Portal

Please watch the "How to Setup Your Client Portal" Video Tutorial before setting up your own Client Portal. You will receive a series of emails from us, first announcing that your Portal is ready. Shortly thereafter, you will receive another email from our portal provider, Actionstep, that contains your actual portal invitation.

In addition to this Video Tutorial, please visit our webpage titled "Setup" for a written, step-by-step instruction into portal setup. Setting up your new Client Portal is very easy. If you do have any questions, please feel free to call us at anytime (1.800.660.7564).

Using the Fillable Organziers

We have provided you with a number of fillable organizers to help you keep track of where things are, logins, passwords, location list finders, etc. This is all done with a view to assisting you in keep your important paperwork in one location that is easy to find for you and for your "helpers" - the people you designate to help you administer your affairs when the time comes.

There is no requirement that you fill out everything. You can pick and choose which organizers you want to utilize. You can even delete some from that section of your portal.

Giving Others Access to Your Portal

In the "old days" if you wanted to share portions of your estate plan with your children, family, advisors, etc., you would have to make hard paper copies of your documents and mail them. Then with the advent of CD Rom and Flash Drive technology, attorneys would convert the client's estate planning documents to a portable document format ("PDF") that could be opened on any computer and within any computer operating system, such as Windows or an Apple Macintosh. The attorney would then transfer those PDF files to a CD Rom or Flash or Thumb Drive and give those to the clients to duplicate and distribute to others.

We have now evolved to the point where attorneys offer online Client Portals to replace the older CD Rom and Flash Drive methods of sharing documents. Now you can simply give certain people specific access to portions of your Client Portal. So you may want your children to have access to everything or nothing - or just certain sections of your portal. Or you may wish one child to have access to everything and other children limited access. If you don't have children, then you may wish to give your named successor trustees, powers of attorney, health care agents, etc. access to your portal.

Whatever your preference, you now have the ability to forget about misplacing CD Rom and Flash Drives as you can simply login to your portal from anywhere and from any computer or handheld device, such as your smart phone. You can also change people's access to your portal if you change your mind. It's simple. Really!


Client Portal Basics

How to Setup Your Client Portal

2 min 33 sec

How to Login

2 min 26 sec

Welcome to Your Client Portal

4 min 51 sec

How to Download & Upload

3 min 24 sec

How to Print

2 min 48 sec

How to Email

2 min 54 sec


Overview of Your Client Portal

Overview of Your Client Portal

4 min 14 sec

Overview of Your Estate Planning Documents

4 min 14 sec

Overview of Your Healthcare Documents

3 min 23 sec


Inviting Others: Children, Trustees, Healthcare Agents

How to Add People to Your Portal

6 min 57 sec

How to Change People in Your Portal

5 min 55 sec

Why Invite People to Your Portal

5 min 05 sec


Medical Emergencies - Health Care Documents

What to Do in an Emergency

6 min 01 sec

Overview of Your Healthcare Documents

3 min 23 sec

What to Take to the Hospital

4 min 45 sec


Organizing Your Stuff

The Problem: Finding Your Stuff!

3 min 45 sec

How to Tell Your Loved Ones Where Your Stuff Is

2 min 51 sec

How to Download & Use Your Fillable Organizers

13 min 53 sec


Adviser Access - Financial Records - Tax Returns

Why Give Advisers Access

13 min 53 sec

Adviser Access Basics

13 min 53 sec

How to Securly Encrypt Everything

13 min 53 sec


Account Numbers & Access - Logins - Passwords

How to Store Securely

13 min 53 sec

How to Give Access

13 min 53 sec

A Fail-Safe System

13 min 53 sec

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