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1. "The Truth About Estate Planning"

- Why Your Plan Probably Won't Work


- a step-by-step outline of why most estate plans don't work - and how to get your plan to work.
- how to protect the inheritance you leave your child from being lost to your child's divorcing ex-spouse
- how to protect your assets from nursing home seizure in the event of a catastrophic illness
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2. "The Truth About Long Term Care Planning"

- How to Protect 100% of Everything - without Giving it Away


- a step-by-step outline of why you don't have to spend down your assets to $2,000 to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid benefits
- how to structure your estate today to avoid nursing home seizure in the event of a catastrophic illness
- how to qualify for Medicare/Medicaid benefits, protect your full step-up-in-basis of assets for your children, and prevent Medicaid estate recovery
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3. "What to Do When Something Happens"

- A Step-by-Step Guide of What Your Loved Ones Need to Do


- a step-by-step guide of what your children and other "helpers" need to do in the event of a mental disability or death
- how to organize your Health Care Documents for 24/7 Emergency Access with one simple phone call
- how to limit professional fees after something happens AND how to streamline the process to make distributions to children "automatic"
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4. "How to Plan for Your IRA or Qualified Plan"

- Why You NEVER Name Your Spouse as the Primary Beneficiary


- why IRAs and other Qualified Plans (401(k)s, 403(b)s, etc.) should never be beneficiary-designated to a Spouse
- how to best structure your beneficiary designations to ensure 100% asset protection and bloodline planning for your loved ones
- how to protect your IRA from second marriage depletion, divorces, and lawsuits
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5. "Blended Families"

- How to Create a Plan that Makes Everyone Happy


- how to create a special "Joint Pour-Over Trust" designed specifically for blended families
- how to best structure your separate assets and joint assets so all assets pass where you want them to go - all in a seamless and quick administration to prevent children of each spouse from fighting afterwards
- how to protect your Home and IRAs and other special family assets and heirlooms so they pass to the correct family members - automatically!
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6. "Digital Assets, Accounts & Passwords"

- How to How to Organize & Protect Your Online Accounts, Passwords, etc. from Fraud & Exploitation


- how to secure passwords and organize both digital and traditional accounts
- how to monitor all of your accounts to identify and scan for theft protection, for irregular investment activity, unusual withdrawals, changes in spending patterns, etc.
- how to eliminate the unnecessary burden for loved ones in locating and dealing with hidden or forgotten accounts
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